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Lot 6
371/385 (odd) Ware Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire SG13 7PE

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Sold: £1,725,000

6 Week completion


In a prominent position in this village location being approx. 1¼ miles from the town centre of Hoddesdon and approx. ¾ mile from the A10 and benefitting from easy access to central London which is approx. 23 miles to the south.


Occupying a mainly rectangular site of close to 3/4 of an Acre with road frontage of approx. 179 ft comprising:

• A detached block of 4 Ground Floor Shops each with a Self-Contained Flat on the first floor and rear parking.
• A lofty semi-detached motor workshop with 2 small outbuildings and car parking area.
• A detached lofty garage workshop with wide front gates providing vehicular access with built-in shop/office, front forecourt for petrol sales with 6 pumps and rear car wash.

VAT is NOT applicable to this Lot



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